Enterprise Payment Solutions for Media Buyers and Advertisement Agencies


Save Time

Avoid thousands of hours on sourcing and funding cards.

Cards on Demand

Increase revenue by having more cards on hand when you need it.


Variety of Choices

Lose less assets by having a variety of cards and bins to choose from.

The Ad Media Cards team has been in the financial services industry since 2002. We understand transactions forwards and backwards; from the issuing side as well as the acquiring side and what merchants are looking at when they are accepting transactions.

Multiple Banks

Strong banking relationships with multiple banks to provide 12+ BINs and always add more.


Merchant restrictions to prevent unauthorized use of cards.


Dynamic spend controls for real-time management.

No Credit Checks

No credit checks, subject to KYC Review.

Flat Fee

Flat monthly fee means no unexpected charges or surprises, allowing for optimal scale with minimal fees.

Card Variety

Card type variety including corporate credit type BINs.

Custom Features

Custom name and international address assignments.


Easy management and online reporting.

Ad Media Cards understands that not all agencies and buyers have the same needs.

Our team understands the growing pains of start-ups as well as scale issues of affiliate network giants. We can put together a custom pricing proposal to best support your business goals.

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Why choose us

Alternative funding with same day application via Wire, ACH or BTC


Real time support available via Telegram, Skype and Email


Unlimited reissues (*Subject to reissue fee)


Short application and approval process


Custom pricing proposal to meet your business needs


Custom name and billing address for each card


Up to $500,000 USD max daily spend per card


No credit required


ZERO Load and Spend Fees

Frequently Asked Questions

All assigned cards will be located within your AMC login. Once logged in, you will be able to view your card details, transaction history as well as the balance. You’ll also have access to make changes to name, address, limit and status.

In the event an assigned card is getting flagged by a merchant or vendor, please log in to AMC in order to change the status of the card to be inactive. You can request a new card to be reissued that may be subject to a reissue fee.

AMC works as a single wallet funding source. You can update limits on assigned cards as well as change the status, but there would be no transfer of funds as cards are not “loaded”, but simply have limits. Card limits do not reduce your wallet balance, only transactions do.

Many requests a user has can be handled without support using our online interface. A user can look up a card, and then submit a change request, which include name, address, limit and status changes. Many changes are completed in real time via direct API connection with the bank. Support requests outside of change requests can be managed via Telegram, Skype or email.

While actively using your payment cards for buying media, we have found that our clients have the most success when the IP region matches the address specified to the merchant and matches the information on file for the card. When making payments from abroad a similar issue may occur and we recommend using an IP routing service to solve this issue.

There is no minimum balance required on the cards themselves. If the balance on the card is lower than the amount being charged, the transaction may fail or cause the balance to go negative.

Payments are applied as soon as they are received and confirmed from our accounting department. Same day funding is available in most cases with wires and BTC.

Each individual card can have a unique name and address. We suggest having the billing address on file match what the merchant has on file.

All of the banks we work with allow customized name and address assignment. There may be some limitations to making changes such as changing the country, the frequency of changes, the number of changes within a period of time, etc. Most address changes can be facilitated without issue.

Because we work directly with multiple banks, this answer varies and can be dependent on the timing of the change submitted. Most changes are complete within 20 minutes if submitted before 6:00 pm PST.

When upgrading from one package to another, your activation fee is reduced by the amount already paid for the activation fee.

Yes, your minimum balance is amount equal or greater than 3-5 days of spend. This range varies depending on bank holidays, monthly fee posting, the speed of funding and scaling trend. You can view what your spending trends are and what your expected minimum balance is within your AMC login.

AMC works primarily with US issuing banks, but can support most International addresses. Prohibited countries are as follows:

Central Africa 
Hong Kong
  North Korea
   South Sudan


Countries that are not prohibited but require pre-approval and underwriting are as follows:

Brunei Darussalam
   Ivory Coast
   Papua New Guinea
   Sao Tome and Principe
   Sierra Leone
   Sri Lanka
   Trinidad and Tobago